Our System

We eliminate the challenge of investing in real estate by providing a proven system. Our system, when facilitated by our team leads to high value investment.

Identify Underutilized Real Estate

Our CEO, Rick Summers, understands real estate. Creative and gifted, he can walk through an abandoned downtown building and see its potential. More than that, he understands the deep value, economically and socially, that building has.

Gather the Community Invested in Revitalization

This is about connections. Identifying and inviting community stakeholders to the table is critical to Summers&Co. Our team understands the importance of connections, but more than that we understand the power in unifying the vision amongst the stakeholders.

Visioning Session

This session is the hub of the process. Facilitated by the Summers&Co team, the session invites the stakeholders to a collaborative table. Once gathered they work towards consensus on the vision and purpose for revitalization and resiliency.

Attract Investors

We reach out to investors who are looking for high returns and people impact with increased sustainability. Who you invest with can be more important than what you invest in.

Do It!

Knowing where we are going is core to successful reformation. Assembling the right team to make it happen is critical. Once the vision is cast, we gather the construction team together, transforming the dormant building to one of purpose and function. Our investors achieve increased revenue and confidence that they have been a part of urban and economic transformation.

What was once abandoned is revitalized into luxury vintage and affordable urban.


$15 billion dollars invested in Canadian real estate from foreign investors
decrease of permanent residents admitted to Canada
of investors recommend moderate-income apartment investments